Helda Solutions Pty Ltd

Today’s maintenance professionals face continued and relentless pressure to improve the cost effective delivery of asset management services to contribute to the business's bottom line. Whilst it is widely recognised by the enlightened that maintenance is an investment, and not a cost, the pressure to deliver better value, continual analysis and improvement is driving managers to challenge their existing methods.

Helda Solutions can help! We are a small core team of asset management experts, with a wealth of practical experience across a wide range of industries. We have faced and resolved the challenges that now face your organisation!

Helda Solutions Pty Ltd has a group of dedicated staff and consultants who offer clients innovative asset management solutions on various industrial and commercial sites around Australia.

Our Vision

To ensure that our clients achieve the most cost effective return on their assets and to:

Ensure equipment availability is able to achieve the business plan objectives.

Assist the company to deliver the best sustainable economic return on equipment assets, taking into account both capital and maintenance expenditure.

To ensure equipment operates within all statutory and best work practice guidelines in regard to productivity, safety and the environment.

To provide training, mentoring and coaching to maintenance personnel to ensure they are excel with their roles and responsibilities.

Develop and document procedures and decision making.

Equipment reliability, availability and maintenance methods to be subject to rigorous continuous improvement techniques.

  • Capability
    Asset Management
    Project Management 
    Software and data management
    Contract management
    Project office
    Strategic consulting
    Manuals and Documentation
    Planning and scheduling
  • Team
    Senior Management Consultants
    Business Analysts
    Electrical Engineers
    Mechanical Engineers
    Software Developers
    Support Staff
  • Industries
    Power Generation
    Government & Transport
    Information Technology